A Throwback to my 18th Birthday

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Hello hellooo. Hope you’ve all been well! You will see that I missed my usual Monday morning post but that was actually because I was away in Toulouse, France for a few days for some pre-birthday/birthday festivities, it was a lot of fun. I’m not so big on doing huge birthday celebrations as I find it all a lot of pressure to organise, especially trying to match up everybody’s schedules (and sometimes dealing with flakes), so unless it’s a significant birthday, I tend to either have a small dinner or (for the past few years) just go abroad! Last year, I went to Madrid for a weekend. Up to now, my “big” birthdays have been 16, 18 and 21. For my 16th I took all my closest friends (via the bank of mum and dad) to go and see Thriller Live in the West End. For my 18th and my 21st I threw parties. My 21st was alreet – but I thought it’d be fun today to throw back to my 18th and how it ended up being somewhat of a very fun disaster…

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What’s Your Why?

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When I was around 13/14 years old, I got comfortable in my first Religious Studies class of year 9, organised my pens in a colour coordinated order and scoffed at the alphabetic seating plan because I wasn’t a fan of the guy that came after me in the register. Then was met with a personal attack!! (Kinda…) My teacher asked us to put up our hands if we were religious, then for those of us who did, he asked whywhy are you a Christian? And I realised that in those few 13 years of life, I’d (not surprisingly) never really thought of this question, and my immediate instinct was “well… because my family is…?”

So this isn’t a post to do with religion or the ins and outs and deepness of the answer to that question above – but it got me thinking recently about my why. Why exactly do I do X, Y and Z. I’m asked often for example why I go to the gym so much, why I write a blog – so why not condense it into one crisp blog post…

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