21st Birthday

I was really torn about what I should do for my 21st from the longest time. My mum suggested a meal and theater trip with some friends, but that just wasn’t turn up enough for my big 21st. For the longest time, I planned on doing a Mayfair night for my 21st birthday. But, I feel like Mayfair nights are so hit and miss – not only because I’d probably have had to rely on a promoter to get me and my friends a table, but who knows, I might not even get in in the first place (I’m looking at you DSTRKT). My boyfriend suggested in February that I just host a big party, we brought in a friend I’d met through him (check him out at Fanimo Fitness), and in the space of two weeks, we’d wrapped up a location and a guest list…

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Are my grades good enough for university?

  Hey, so I read you went to LSE to do finance and that’s really great – what subjects did you take at a level and did you have loads of As and A*s at GCSE? – If you don’t mind me asking that is – I got mostly Bs and a few As and wanted to know if I have a chance. Great blog btw 🙂

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