Do You Seek Validation?

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Confession time: when I started working full time last year, and so had the disposable income to invest more into my blog, my eyes sort of opened up for the first time to the little luxuries among the blogging world. It seemed that everyone was constantly jet-setting, all donning designer bags, and just generally big balling money makers. Suddenly, the pressure hit me too. I felt like I needed to show the world that I was doing just fine too. And before I knew it, I became hooked on trying to portray my life in the most glamorous, successful and luxurious way possible. I touched on this briefly in my ‘What really matters?‘ post – but wanted to go into a little more detail on the idea of seeking constant acceptance.

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Why I Blog

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Recently I’ve had a small influx of people I’d lost touch with start following me on Instagram with a few asking a few questions about what I’m up to blogging wise and it sort of made me step back and have an objective look at my blog. If I wasn’t a blogger – I kind of wandered what I’d think of the whole ‘world’ looking in from the outside. For example – why are there 1 million extra extravagant professional photos of me on my instagram? Do I really hire I a photographer just to help me get great shots of my outfits? Is there really any need for me to include a photo of myself in nearly every blog post, does it have even anything to do with the post itself? What is the actual purpose of this industry – is it just full of a bunch of vain folks trying to hide their self centered-ness under the mask of “look, I’m just trying to show off my outfit, okay?”

With all the above in my head, I thought I’d write up a short piece on why I blog, and why I do what I do…


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