Upping My Sleep Game ft. The Leesa Mattress

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This year, I’ve had a few minor life developments. i) I’ve started sleeping less and less – 5.5 hours a day… on a good day. Why? Partly habit. Partly just wanting to get so much done that I squeeze whatever I can into the last slither of remaining hours of each day before I crash. Also partly procrastination – clicking through YouTube and Instagram before time ultimately runs away from me. ii) I’ve left the country a whole lot (I think up to 12 times) – which means a whole lot of hotels. A lot of these were work trips, a few weekend breaks and last minute holidays, but what most of them did involve were very, very comfortable sleeps. iii) Not quite a serious development, but my older brother told me about that “why we sleep” book which in a nutshell says you should sleep… or else. It’s safe to say, the quality of the sleep I get started to play more on my mind.

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What to Do When You Hit a Plateau

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Last year, I hit a “life wall”. I think a year into working full time I suddenly realised my life had become: i) waiting for Friday, ii) waiting for pay days, iii) waiting for annual leave, iv) waiting for bank holidays. I quickly felt zapped of all motivation – time was passing by and not much was seeming to come of it. Around that time, I also lost a ton of motivation for my blog and for social media, and to be honest, I came close to quitting entirely. It happens. Recently, I hit a wall with my health & fitness. I’ve been working out now since July 2017, I started with home workouts for ~6 months and the shock of my body experiencing any form of physical activity meant I saw changes to my body (and my mind) really, really quickly. Over time, I kept making tweaks here and there: drinking more water, cutting down red meats, cutting down sugars, doing more HIIT. These changes kept things interesting and meant that progress continued and it continued really fast. Recently however, nothing seemed to be changing. I was still loving the gym and definitely being more fluid with it, but I did feel like I needed a little extra push to “level up”.

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