Upping My Sleep Game ft. The Leesa Mattress

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This year, I’ve had a few minor life developments. i) I’ve started sleeping less and less – 5.5 hours a day… on a good day. Why? Partly habit. Partly just wanting to get so much done that I squeeze whatever I can into the last slither of remaining hours of each day before I crash. Also partly procrastination – clicking through YouTube and Instagram before time ultimately runs away from me. ii) I’ve left the country a whole lot (I think up to 12 times) – which means a whole lot of hotels. A lot of these were work trips, a few weekend breaks and last minute holidays, but what most of them did involve were very, very comfortable sleeps. iii) Not quite a serious development, but my older brother told me about that “why we sleep” book which in a nutshell says you should sleep… or else. It’s safe to say, the quality of the sleep I get started to play more on my mind.

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Let’s Talk Money: Saving Tips

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I always kind of had it in my mind that once I moved out for uni, I would probably just stay living out forever. It seemed like a natural progression. But when I got to my third year of uni, and “next step?” discussions started among my peer group, it seemed there was a 50/50 split between those staying out and those moving back home. Those moving back home usually gave the same reason, “I’m going to stay home and save”. Immediately, and as I tend to do sometimes, I panicked. I decided I must have been doing something financially stupid by making the choice to stay out and rent and I announced to my family that I’d be seeing them again in the summer, and not just for a visit. After a few discussions, and after weighing up the money side of things, with the realities of my job and what I personally wanted, I (re-)made the decision to move out, and no matter how many people gave me a “stupid” side eye or asked me “why not just a year, to get yourself on your feet?” I had my own personal plan of action (and it worked!)

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