Recently, my boyfriend has taken a huge liking to my blog. He’s always asking how it’s going, and when he can get involved (I may have possibly found myself a photographer?) The other day, we decided to really see where we can go with this. Anything can be great if you put the effort in, so let’s see where we can take this blog. I’ve switched up the design, and you can expect higher quality posts from now on! That may mean less frequent posts, but quality over quantity for sure.


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Familiar background as I was back home last weekend. I went to see Selma with my family and it was a pretty amazing movie. I kind of expected to go to the cinema and watch a film that was basically a biography of Martin Luther King’s life, but that is really not what Selma is about. It’s about a specific movement/campaign which Martin Luther King headed to get voting rights for black people in Selma. Throughout the film I kept remembering how far things have come since then (and how things still have some way to go), and as I always do after I watch an amazing film based on real life – I came home and wikipedia’ed the whole thing.

Andddd with that, I’m off to the gym. It’s quite crazy how sluggish and lazy I feel when I haven’t been for almost a week.

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I do and don’t want to see Selma. It’s tough to watch something like that (like 12 Years a Slave), but I know MLK JR and the other leaders like Malcolm X did fight for rights for African Americans that inspired others of other colors and creeds. I am truly in debt for I fight for rights of mentally ill people of all colors, religions and creeds. Sure, we have a long way to go, but we have gone far because of them.


February 15, 2015 at 07:15 Michelle

Thanks for the comment on my blog

Adore this yellow jumper you look amazing in it, really suits you! x



February 15, 2015 at 23:00 Your Name

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