Haul: New Look, Topshop and Next

I started Summer under the impression that almost every penny I earned from my job would go into a nice little savings account for living next year… it’s safe to say I have completely failed at this task. I believe my savings account has a grand total of £0 in it, so that good. Most of what I’ve earned has been spent on clothes, clubbing, travel and food and I have absolutely no regrets. Below are a couple of things I’ve purchased recently, mixed in with a few bits my lovelyyyy mum bought for me too.

New Look

I usually pop into New Look atleast once a week during my lunch break and last week when I did this I walked out with this dogtooth top. I’ve always loved dogtooth patterns and this time two or three years ago I went on a (failed) search for the perfect dogtooth dress, so this top will be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Another thing I’ve always loved is jewellery – rings and necklaces to be specific. Back in sixth form you would never catch me without a stack of rings and a necklace, however this year in uni, not having any of my jewellery in easy reach and just being generally lazy, I started to rarely wear jewellery. I’m hoping to get back into wearing jewellery and started everything off with these new rings.


This must be one of the most unoriginal croptops about right now. I’ve worn this twice now and each time I’ve had one of the following comments: “I have that top!” or “that’s the top from Topshop isn’t it?” Granted, when I bought it I have no idea how unoriginal it was. I loveee it anyway.


These last few bits my mum bought for me from Next. I was a bit unsure about the purple top at first but it will definitely be interesting to style. The other two are standard pretty tops, I especially love the black top.

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those outfits and rings look gorgeous girl! love it


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