Joules: Winter Wishlist

Going about my life during my second year of uni makes me wander what I did during the my first year for me to believe I was really busy. Now that I actually take time to go over lectures and homeworks properly, and also have to attend to other committee/student ambassador roles which also take up time, I don’t know how I genuinely believed I was ridiculously busy this time last year? My general form of procrastination these days has switched back to online shopping/general browsing, and I now have a new website to spend hours being lazy on: Joules.

Joules is an online retailer that stocks casual clothes for men and women. As it’s getting colder, and because I have’t in a while, I will do a winter wishlist in collaboration with the store. 😉

Long Sleeve Tie Neck Blouse · Cowl Neck Tunic
Faux Fur Scarf · Mini Tweed Skirt · Faux Fur Hat

First on the list this a long sleeve tie blouse, what’s weird is that I’ve always loved tie neck blouses but for some reason don’t own one myself. I’m also a big lover of shirts with collars, which means that this is pretty much perfect for me. Next up is the ‘cowl neck tunic’, again, I’m a big fan of tops that have something interesting going on in the neck areas. What I actually love about this is how casual it is, I can definitely imagine myself whacking this on for a day spent on campus.

Something that I’ve become more drawn to recently is actually fur, I got myself a jacket from New Look recently with fur on the hood, and I’m definitely looking to extend my of (faux) fur items with some pretty fur scarfs and hats, there’s something about these items that kind of scream out old school glamour to me, I definitely had to include them on my wishlist.

Last but not least, quite a simple checkered skirt. I saw this skirt and a thousand different outfit combinations popped into my head, I could actually imagine pairing this with the first top in this wishlist and adding some tights and tall boots to finish off styling it.

Anddd that’s it for my winter wishlist. Seeing as I’m always tired I’m probably going to have a nap now, but definitely make sure you check out Joules as they have some pretty impressive items.

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Pretty winter wishlist <3 I love the blouse xx <a href="; |Giveaway ♥


October 31, 2014 at 13:52 Jenny

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