La Redoute: The Language of Love Campaign

La Redoute has started running a pretty adorable campaign this week and I’m happy to have been asked to be involved in this campaign through my blog. La Redoute is a fairly prestigious French fashion brand and their campaign aims to capture the essence of French style being more than just an aesthetic, but really being an ‘attitude’. A recent La Redoute survey found that us Brits tend to take love for granted, although 82% of those surveyed want to hear ‘I love you’ daily, 30% say it daily and 22% don’t even remember the last time they said it (yep, I sit within that 22%)…

More information on the campaign can be found on La Redoute’s website here – orrr you can choose to grab a tissue and watch their promotional video below…

This is where I come into the campaign – I have been asked to share a few kind words about someone special in my life. But, I’ve cheated and am actually going to write about two people. Cue the two best and also most obvious choices in the world – my parents.

I won’t blabber on for too long, but like many of us, my appreciation for my parents is genuinely unlimited. Aside from them providing their love and careee, my parents do inspire me. You know Drake’s song “started from the bottom”? – it’s amazing how unaware of things you can be when you are a child, but these words can definitely be used in this circumstance. My dad managed to complete a 2 year course in 6 months and he was self taught, my mum is now at one of the highest bands in her job; and it is because of them wanting the absolute best of us (us being me and my two brothers) that we live a comfy life.

Definitely do check out and get involved in La Redoute’s campaign, if you need any inspiration just watch their promotional video, I found it petty emotional haha… but then again I’m a big softy have cried watching episodes of Glee. No shame.

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