What I’ve Been Reading Lately II

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Happy Monday guys & girls. It feels good to be getting back into the swing of things over here. Every since I realigned my “short term goals” in my mini update post, I’ve been feeling a lot more motivated and way more organised.

Many of you will know, this year I’ve set myself the challenge of reading one book a month. Now, if you’re an avid reader, this probably looks like a little bit of a flimsy challenge. But for me, I really stopped “reading” properly once I started university. I was probably reading 2-3 books a year at max. This was mostly because I swore by page turning and I didn’t want to have to switch to for e.g. Audible, but now I’ve finally succumb. I love Audible as I’ve accepted that I honestly find it impossible to find the time to read unless I’m doing something else which is quite light at the same time (hence, audio books).

So – putting an end to all my rambling – here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

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My Year in Travel so Far

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Toulouse, France

Hellooo good morning. I’m writing this post on Sunday evening, which means I’ll publish it on Monday morning. Does this mean I’m back on schedule? As you will know if you read last week’s post, I’m planning to do a total rebrand over here – ideally within the next month or so! But until then, on to our regularly scheduled programme…

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