My Year in Travel so Far

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Toulouse, France

Hellooo good morning. I’m writing this post on Sunday evening, which means I’ll publish it on Monday morning. Does this mean I’m back on schedule? As you will know if you read last week’s post, I’m planning to do a total rebrand over here – ideally within the next month or so! But until then, on to our regularly scheduled programme…

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What’s Going on With Skylish

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Last week in Times Square, New York

Hey guys… long time no blog! One blog post a week shouldn’t be so difficult to push through – and to be honest – it isn’t. But, recently I’ve been suffering from a serious writer’s block. I’m talking 4+ weeks of not really knowing wtf to talk about (if you’re wandering why my last post was just a repost of an old post, this is why…) I also spent the past week in New York and I actually didn’t even open my laptop for the entire trip – even though I brought it with me (have I told ya’ll about how my luggage ended up in Shangai? That’s a whole blog on it’s own…) Anyways, whilst I was in New York, I had a long hard think about Skylish and my presence online. Who I want to be on the internet and what I want to portray. I decided to wipe the slate clean and give you all a little update of what’s been on my mind.

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