Every time I buy a new clothing item, it inevitably faces scrutiny from my mum. I either get an impressed, “I like this”, or no comment at all which translates to, “you bought this!?… bye Felicia.” Recently I bought this green leather pinafore dress form Zara, which was completely out of my comfort zone for three reasons: 1. I never really wear green, 2. unless it’s a jacket or a skirt, I also never really wear leather and 3. I never wear pinafores. Given it was out of my comfort zone, I thought it would be even furthur out of my mum’s, and I was convinced she’d hate the dress.

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Black on Black

As I write this I’m sat in a comfy bed in a hotel in Warwick, with my finance lecture notes neglected at my feet, ready to be picked up for the night. Today my family came down to Warwick the drop the third and final child of the family off at university, my ‘little’ brother is officially a fresher, and I’m an old third year who will be in an office this time next year… how depressing. University, I honestly believe, is one of the best times of your life; I can’t believe how fast its all going by.

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