Joules: Winter Wishlist

Going about my life during my second year of uni makes me wander what I did during the my first year for me to believe I was really busy. Now that I actually take time to go over lectures and homeworks properly, and also have to attend to other committee/student ambassador roles which also take up time, I don’t know how I genuinely believed I was ridiculously busy this time last year? My general form of procrastination these days has switched back to online shopping/general browsing, and I now have a new website to spend hours being lazy on: Joules.

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As you can see from the background in the photos below – I’m homeeee. I came home this weekend for my mum’s birthday and we all went out for a cute lilll family meal. This post completely mirrors another I wrote around the same time last year here, I remember at the time feeling so weird coming back home for the first time and sleeping in my own bed again, but now after being back and forth between uni and home for a whole year, this feels very natural. So much has changed between the time I wrote that post last year and now, I feel like a completely different person. I’m sure I’ll be doing a similar post next year, so it’ll be interesting to see how different things are then.

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