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Long timeeee.
My absence can be blamed on the following three reasons: the internet, Virgin Media and general busy-ness. I moved into my new uni flat about two weeks ago, our internet was set up literally a day after visiting Virgin Media and everything was peachy. But then, a week into having our internet, it completely disappeared off of the radar. Calling Virgin Media, they said that we did not ‘activate’ our internet (even though we did), and that we’d have to wait another 7 days for them to activate it for us due to issues with the previous tenants. To say I was annoyed AND heartbroken is an understatement (it also took 8 days, instead of the 7 they said it would take). I don’t think you realise how vital the internet is until you don’t have it… those 8 days were spent in between Starbucks and our university campus, lugging my laptop around with me everywhere, doing what I needed to do and downloading as many shows and YouTube videos I possibly could to watch at the flat.

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2014 bedroom decor trends

As we enter into the colder months, we’re all looking at updating our wardrobes to keep us warm over the holiday season. One area that we often overlook however is our home décor. If you want to give your bedroom a new lease of life, why not try out a few of these little treats for autumn 2014?

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