Frizz Free with John Frieda

My hair care collection is officially packed with goods from John Frieda. John Frieda is a brand I have worked with a couple of times now, and I can tell you they have never let me down; I have never not fallen in love with a John Frieda product. This post, in collaboration with John Frieda, is all about taming your hair; if you haven’t heard of it yet, let me introduce you to their Frizz-Free range

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Floppy Hats for The Summer

I think I’ve finally learned to appreciate the saying – “TGIF”. University is really not the same as work. In university a 9am is just ridiculously, absurdly early and just never ever going to happen. In work, getting in post 8.30am, especially at junior level, is just unheard of. Waking up at the time I’d usually be in the office by on a Saturday? Beautiful.

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