Finishing the Year off Strong Ft. Hidden Fashion

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Let’s talk about these boots! For me, a pair of Chelseas and some knee highs are totally and truly my go-tos when it comes to simple black boots (that work with every outfit) for colder days. I am also a sucker for play/jumpsuits as they seriously highlight your curves. Hidden Fashion has got you covered for both (plus – they’re having a Black Friday sale), so go, go, go!

I’m a big advocate of New Year’s Resolutions – I’m not quite down the “New Year, New Me” road (perhaps I was when I was 12 years old), but I think rounding up your year and setting goals for the next year is the best way to reflect and keep pushing (a nice bit of cheese for you this evening!) If I’m totally honest, I usually spend all this time thinking up my resolutions for the next year, start January on some sort of goal-getting-high, and then November rolls around (like now), and I scratch my head and ask myself oh yeah… what were those things I wanted to do again? Let’s say this is you – you’ve checked back on your resolutions and maybee… things haven’t quite gone to plan. But there’s only a month or so left of the year… so how do you finish on as high of a note as possible?

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5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Health & Fitness Journey (And Stick to it)

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My relationship with my health & fitness over time has been a bit of a rollercoaster. It’s been a very twisty-turny journey and more often than not, this rollercoaster was more one that was continuously malfunctioning and struggling to get off the ground. This comes to mind because yesterday, I was demonstrating to Levi how I did a jumping spit squat with a plate and that it was such a killer workout that he should definitely try out. Shortly after, he left to go and hit a bit of chest in the gym. It brought me back to the days of uni when we would struggle to even fit one workout in a week (despite all the time that we had), back then I was a cardio bunny that was actually afraid of the treadmill (the thought of the gym back then made me feel physically sick), and Levi would jump around the gym doing anything and everything that came to mind.

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