Health & Fitness: Q&A and FAQs

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It’s… June. The first half of the year has gone by very quickly and whilst there are a couple of goals I’d still like to hit, I’d say it’s been a decent year (so far) overall. Since it’s June, I have a couple of outstandings over here on the blog. First of all, I’m due a half-year “Life Lately” update. The reason I’ve delayed this a touch is because I’m in a midst of something pretty exciting which, once the dust has settled, I think would be great to include in the Life Lately update; so – bare with me. The other to-do is that I am soon due to write a year update in my health & fitness journey. This may seem unnecessary but I’ve learned so much (and changed so much) in the past year, just by taking the decision that I wanted to overhaul my lifestyle. I’m a blogger and I share – so of course I want to share that too! In the mean time, I put up a story the other day asking for any Health & Fitness related questions to do a little Q&A over here, I’ve also mixed in FAQs that I get asked often in my daily life.

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What I’ve Learned About Relationships & Dating in 23 Years…

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When I was 12, I had my first “boyfriend”. This successful relationship lasted for a grand total of ~24 hours. I had had a crush on the guy when I first started secondary school which soon wore off, but a few months after I stopped liking him he decided he’d start liking me and well – boyfriend and girlfriend it was. I broke up with him after 24 hours because I didn’t like him and even more importantly, because I spent 24 hours in a perpetual state of fear that somehow my parents were going to find out I had a boyfriend and I most definitely was not allowed to. What did I learn from this mini “relationship”? Probably that there’s no point making someone your “boyfriend” just because they like you – it’s probably good to consider whether you actually like them too, right?

I’m 23 now, that’s c.10 years since then, and I’ve learned a few more things in that time…

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