Brun et Noir: The Answer to Your Nude Tight Woes

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I’ve been raving a lot recently about a brand called Brun et Noir which offers skin coloured tights for women of colour. Someone actually asked me if, in all honesty, I would wear these days if I wasn’t working with the brand. At the end of the day – I tend to wear black tights or no tights, but I asked the question if that was out of choice, or because the option of skin coloured tights has never actually been available to me – and I went with the latter. The truth is, I remember being in Primark with my friends when we were younger feeling like I didn’t want to be restricted to black tights only; they were buying skin coloured tights – why couldn’t I? Really, if I wanted something close to my skin tone all I could get were some weirdly unflattering greyish toned alternatives…

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Life as a Grad: Expectations versus Reality

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Someone once told me that life as a grad isn’t as hard as life in university. I believed them. Generally, life in university is pretty chill – until you get to exam period, then a black cloud hovers over the library (and your life) for a few months. I remember once working so hard for a Finance exam, and crying down the phone to my parents after failing every available past paper telling them I actually wasn’t sure if I was even capable of getting a 2.1 or above in that exam (which I miraculously pulled of in the end). So away from the general luxuries of uni (the social aspects, the 10 hour sleeps, the freedom), I thought nothing could ever come close to exam period. This ‘grad life’? It was going to be easy peasy.

I thought…

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