Day in the Life: What I Really Get up to Everyday

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I don’t know why, but I really love reading about other people’s daily routines. Maybe because I’m genuinely just that nosy, or because I sometimes take bits and pieces from everyone’s routines and drop them into my own – but routine videos/blogs are some of my favourite to read. I’ve been pondering over doing my own for some time and wondered whether or not my life was way too boring to share. But eventually decided to write some bits and pieces up.

A day in the life – here’s what I really get up to…

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Life Lately: Living My Best Life

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Life Lately: A Half Year Update – July 4, 2017
“I’ve also been feeling generally uninspired with life. I feel like I’m just running along a wheel and living my life in a cycle. I met up with some friends recently who mentioned that they thought I was currently having the time of my life and going to “so many cool events”, which makes it so evident that social media (particularly, Instagram), glamorizes the reality. But, don’t worry, I’ve got that debate coming up another day! Hopefully – by my next “Life Lately” – the tone would’ve picked up a lot!”

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