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When I finish work early, I typically like to reward myself with some shopping. Working in Canary Wharf means I’m right around the corner from Zara, TopShop, Swarovski and many others. So one day, after leaving the office hella early, I took my butt to Zara and loaded myself up with some retail therapy. This pink over-sized blazer was one of the first things I saw, and I added it to my shopping basket without hesitation…

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Four Realities of Blogging Alongside a Full Time Job

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People are always surprised to find that I blog whilst working full-time in what can only be described as demanding. I’ve managed to improve my blog quite a bit since starting a full time job, and I set out steps to take to balancing both in this post – but it definitely isn’t as easy as it seems. What you see is the finished product – but behind this, the process comes equipped with a whole load of late nights, constant tiredness and pressure to be extremely organised to stay on your game… So, coming from someone who is living it, what are the realities of being a blogger, when you spend the large majority of your life in a corporate job?

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