5 Things I Do to Feel My Best

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In my mid to late teens I used to dedicate a few hours every Sunday to “me time”. I’d have a complete pamper evening, organise my thoughts and set some goals for the week ahead. I would even keep a password protected word file on my computer which sort of served as a diary for me to write down everything on my mind. When I started university, “me time” turned into “sleep time” and generally I’d spend my time sleeping, studying, or partying, there wasn’t much of an inbetween… Then I started working in 2016 and “me time” became “what time?!” Spending most of my time sat at a desk and trying to balance that with a social life and a blog/social media, I started to feel like I really had no time for myself. Fast forward to 2017, I decided I wanted to start taking care of myself, and I kicked that off with a dive into my health & fitness journey – along the way, I’ve picked up a couple of other habits that make me feel pretty fab.

Here are five things I do to feel my best…

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On Never Being Satisfied

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The other day I saw a friend in the gym who said to me “damn, your skin is glowing”, I looked at her sort of confused, then said, “ah, well, see – I was out during the day so I’m wearing makeup. Yeah, I’d never usually wear makeup to the gym.” She laughed, and told me just to accept the compliment and keep it stepping.

The next day, I was chatting to Marianne my photographer, and we both shared our take on how we view our successes. For me, it was always that I never felt (or feel) like what I’ve done is enough. For any little thing that goes well, more often than not, there is a list of a million other things I’m telling myself I should do more and do better.

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