2018 Rewind: Travel

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In 2017 I set out to travel a whole lot – I was on a steady paycheck now and well… according to Instagram that seemed to be what you do once you’re getting paid. That said, it fell just short of expectations, however I wasn’t too mad, as it allowed me to save more. This year, I was ready to just go with the flow and see where that took me. Somehow – a lot due to the increase in work trips – I managed to leave the country 12 times this year! That’s a whole 24 flights in 12 months and while that may be a minor to some – I’m started to feel like some sort of a seasoned traveler (pass me my avios points or whalleva)! I’ve even recently decided to start using the lounges Amex allows free access to (fancy eh), but that was mostly on account of finding out lounges serve free food lmao. Anyhow – follow the jump to see a rewind of my year in travel!

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2018 Rewind: Fitness

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‘Sup folks! Hope you all had a great Christmas. I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t in much of a Christmassy spirit until Christmas actually hit. It felt more like a event I had to mark down in my diary vs. the absolute sheer gut crunching excitement I’d experience when I was a child (I literally couldn’t breath knowing I’d be receiving yet another doll – do kids still play with dolls? Or has the digital age taken over?) That said, it was a great day with family – lots of eating, lots of card games, lots of good times and good memories. Grateful. Anyhow – for the past two years I’ve started my own little traditional over here on Skylish. A little rewind of the year just passed which ends in a total yearly wrap up – so today I’m kicking things up with a rewind of my year in fitness.

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