These Are The Rules I Live By…

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We all have views that totally anchor our beliefs and how we choose to live our lives. That are somehow ingrained in us and hard for us to allow someone to argue against. For many that is religion – the kind of thing where nobody can tell you nuthin’ that could possibly shift your thinking. For some – it’s their diet. Perhaps you think consuming any sort of animal product is wrong, maybe it’s just pork or beef you think really ain’t it. Whatever it is, your beliefs that support this are some sort of pillars within you. These are more serious examples of course – it can also be quite trivial and very simple; for example, I met a woman the other day that told me she has never, and will never, split a bill with a man. As such… this blog post wrote itself up in my mind one day as I walked to work. What are the philosophies I live by?

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A Week in the Life – Here’s What I Actually Do

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“The life” – what an interesting way to describe what certainly isn’t a particularly interesting or impressive life. But – here we go. I was inspired to do this post by Maria; I thought it could be interesting to break down what a typical week in my life looks like given I get asked these two questions constantly: (1) what do you actually do? And (2) how do you manage to blog whilst working full time?

Here’s a quick, quick breakdown. I work full time in Investment Banking currently in the lovely microcosm that is Canary Wharf. I also of course run Skylish and some other hustles on the side! And finally, to supplement it all, I’m somewhat of a gym junkie- so that also needs to squeeze it’s way into my schedule. Let’s go.

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