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Happy new year guyssss! I’d say since around 2012, every year for me has been better than the last. As for 2014, I’m not too sure what to make of it. As well as it at times being the pretty damn miserable, it has also been pretty amazing. I’ve had accomplished so many things this year that this time last year I never would have thought possible, I have also met some amazing people, and genuinely feel as though 2014 (the bulk of it being my first year of uni), has truly shaped me into a different person. I’ll try and get some nice year “round off” posts up soon – but in the mean time, I was recently contacted by New Look and asked to participate in their “Party Ready” competition…

The concept is simple – you style an outfit from the New Look party collection, explain your choices, then describe what your perfect night out would be.

For my nineteenth birthday I managed to get into contact with a club promoter who was able to give me and my friends free entry into a Mayfair club. The night out also included a free table and a couple free bottles of Grey Goose Vodka. I spent a grand total of less than £2 that night and that was only for travel. It turned out to be one of the most fun nights out I’ve ever had; the music was good, the company was perfect, and of course – it was my birthday. Naturally, if I was to describe my perfect night out – it’d definitely be a trip back to a Mayfair club.

For my outfit, I decided to go with this black bandeau playsuit; I think when it comes to dressy night outs – playsuits can work just as well as your typical dress. Strappy heels were a love I developed in year 13, partly because I always saw Kim Kardashian wearing them in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I feel as though these would work really well with this outfit. As the outfit has been fairly monochrome, I also decided to add a pop of colour through my nail polish of choice.

In terms of accessories, I also decided to keep these quite simple. I tend to play it fairly safe when it comes to the earrings I wear, so this diamante/pearl set was a natural choice to go for. You also can’t go wrong with a black clutch bag to round off the outfit!

Make sure you check out (and enter) the competition, more details can be found here – there are lots of pretty impressive prizes up for grabs. January 19th is the last day you can enter!

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This is probably the first New Year’s reflection I’ve read so far that has been actually quite positive.

And congrats on getting in free to a club for your bday! WOW! Bottles are so expensive! Sounds like a fun birthday!

If you have pictures, post them!


January 6, 2015 at 01:16 Tali F.

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