Scarlett London’s #bloggersfestival

A few weeks ago I received an invite to Scarlett London’s #bloggersfestival, I’d already seen the hashtag for the event floating around on Twitter so was excited as soon as the e-mail popped up in my inbox. One of the things I was most excited for was the venue – it was on the 31st floor of the Centre Point building near Tottenham Court Road. Just one floor above is their Paramount Bar which I went to for a friends birthday back in May – the view is absolutely stunning!

So, on to the event itself. It was a fairly informal event to meet and chill with different bloggers, and to network with different brands. Many brands featured including Urban Outfitters, Want Her Dress, Lee Stafford and Very (SO extremely impressed with Very’s upcoming A/W collection). It reminded me of the networking events I’d go to/still go to sometimes for various financial firms, just a lot less formal and a lot more easy going. Aside from Very another collection I loved was actually from Ecco shoes – they had a dupe to the Chanel two-toned riding boots (which Kourtney Kardashian often rocks), and I pretty much fell in love.

I met a lot of lovely bloggers (will link to a few at the end of the post), and we took some outfit photos. Taking the outfit photos (some on a DSLR) has inspired me to invest in a better camera than the Samsung Digital camera I use at the moment. I won’t dive into a DSLR (can’t afford it tbh), butttt once my student loan comes through I’ll definitely put some of it towards a Fujifilm camera! Still a months wait for this time to come, but I’m already excited.

    NEW LOOK Top, bag and rings
    NEXT Blazer
    THE CITY RACK Wet look leggings
    EBAY Chocker necklace

Thank you Scarlett for hosting such a lovely event!

Links, links, links: Lolas Little Wonders, The Island Girl, Fashion Killer and Khrissie Loves


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This event looks great! I really love Scarlett’s blog, how amazing that she hosts these events? 🙂 I think you should definitely invest in a new camera, I think you’ll enjoy taking photos for your blog a lot more and the quality of the photos is amazing. Happy camera shopping! ^_^

Yazmin xx


September 14, 2014 at 22:10 Y

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