How to Get Out of a Funk

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This week I was in a serious funk. I would wake up in a bad mood, go to bed in a bad mood, and I’d even be dreaming about all the things that were stressing me out. I know it was bad because even when Friday and pay day both fell on the same day – I still felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over me. It’s just one of those things – and we all experience it – I was in a stone cold funk and permanent bad mood. The question is – when we get into funks like this, get stuck in our head and are unable to even crack a smile for days on end, what do we do?

Sep 23 2017 at 10:48 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty

10 Things I Learned in My First Year of University

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So, September time is the beginning of the school year, but as we approach October it’s also the beginning of a brand new year at university. I wanted to write up something easy but insightful for anyone en route to their first year as I’ve had a few concerned LinkedIn messages now from worried incoming freshers. First thing I’ll make clear is that university could be one of the best times of your life – it definitely was for me. It just brings independence like you’ve never known, and delivers a lot of freedom to do whatever you want to really discover yourself. There are a few periods of my life where I feel like I’ve really just grown; for example I tweeted recently that I’ve never been taught the meaning of hard work as much as I have working in Investment Banking, I also know that I’ve grown a lot in my relationship. University is just another one of those times where you learn… a lot.

Sep 20 2017 at 11:12 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty