A Letter to my Teenage Self

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Dear Kemi,

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10 Reasons to Start Your Own Blog Now

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Somebody asked me the other day if I’d ever considered starting my own YouTube channel. It does of course (or at least once upon a time did of course) seem like the next natural step for anyone with a blog and/or any sort of presence on social media. Actually… I have. I planned to start my own YouTube channel once upon a time shortly after graduating and my first video was going to be a “get to know me tag”. I even filmed some vlog footage during a holiday to Portugal with Levi and that vlog was going to be my second video. After those two videos… I wasn’t quite sure where I’d turn for #3. I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to make my channel unique to the hundreds of others doing a ‘juicy Q&A’, an excessive haul, or some type of prank. Eventually, after a lot of stalling, I decided against it. I really only wanted to take on YouTube because I felt like I had to – what kind of social media-ish person was I if I didn’t have a YouTube channel?! But the truth is that, it just isn’t really my thing. I’m a writer at heart, I share with my words, this is really what I enjoy doing and what I’ve always enjoyed doing – so why not focus on what I’m good at?

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