How to make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible

You guys know I love practical tips – I don’t really beat around the bush, I get to the (honest) point of different situations and give you all the advice I have to hopefully position you as best as possible, of course always speaking from experience. Moving out during university is not easy, landlords love to exploit students, and a lot of friendships get blown to smithereens. I’ve lived it, I’ve learned from it. So below I’m getting really real – and letting you know how you can make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible…

Jan 23 2017 at 10:19 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty

How I balance blogging with a 12h a day job

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I would say that I’m a full time investment banking analyst who blogs part time. I spend my weekdays in an office, and on the weekends I blog. Investment banking is not a 9-5 job – in my team, I get into the office between 7.30-8am (tends to get later and later as the week goes on), and I leave anywhere between 7.30 and 11pm – but, I’d say on average I’m out between 8 and 8.30. And this is the case everyday. But weirdly, since I’ve started working full time, I’ve become a ‘better blogger’ – my content quality has increased, my blog is more consistent, and if anything, my blog has grown since finishing university. I guess working so many hours during the week but still having a desire to maintain a good blog forces you into efficiency, and this is how I do it…

Jan 17 2017 at 1:53 am   ·   Advice, Chatty