Freshers Advice | What You Need To Know For Your First Year at Uni

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If you’re a regular reader here, then you’ll know that I love to share any bits and pieces of advice I can give based on the experiences I’ve had. Recently, I’ve been reminiscing about life as a fresher (for those outside the UK who may not be familiar with the term, a fresher is just someone in their first year of university). The general view is that freshers are pretty crazy – they club, they party, they don’t study and they take no responsibility for their actions. If there was a spectrum of the different types of freshers you get from sensible to absolutely insane – I would place my fresher self firmly in the middle. I was concerned about my career and my exams, however I was also very concerned about partying and living up to some of my fresher expectations. I am a completely different person now than I was in my first year of university, and thought I would share some tips in hindsight for anyone who may have university around the corner, or just anyone who wants to reminisce with me! These are a few of my top fresher tips (with personal antidotes in there also)…

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What I wish I knew before I started blogging | Plus: The COMPLETE Bloggers’ Toolkit

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Not too long ago now I published a blog all about how I balance blogging with a 12h a day job (link), and in that post I mentioned how I use an Excel file to track when I post, when I need to take photos, what PR contacts I have and also my finances. After this, quite a few people asked if I would be able to share more details about this file – so that I did – and more. At some point in my life I’ve dabbled in writing, webdesigning, blogging and Investment Banking, so I’ve combined the skills I’ve learned from each of these roles to provide you with The COMPLETE Bloggers’ Toolkit! What do you get? Media Kit templates, in-depth blogging e-guides, and an automated Excel file that will allow you to schedule your posts, your shoots, track your finances, contacts, and more… Of course more information to follow shortly but to find out more details and register your interest early please follow this link here!! It’s launching in April 2017, but be sure to follow me on social media (or sign up to my newsletter), to be in the know about every toolkit-related.

** The COMPLETE Bloggers Toolkit**

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