How to grow your blog when you’re a student on a budget

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I’ve noticed some growth in my blog since I’ve started working full time, which is maybe a bit ironic, because you’d expect things to go in the other direction. Apart from putting out (I think) better and also most focused and organised content, I’ve kind of realised that one thing that has actually started helping me quite a bit in this journey, is no longer being student-finance-reliant. I recently read this post by Chloe Plumstead, which resonated quite a bit with me, because in some ways – it is very true that having some more disposable income will help to boost your success in this industry. You can afford better tools (like a good camera) to help with your content, if you’re a fashion blogger you can afford more clothes (to feature) and also a photographer to produce better quality and more varied content (which has been the case for me and are two factors I think have helped my blog perform better these past few months), and if you’re a beauty blogger you can afford to buy more items to review! Blogging when you’re a broke student (i.e. my whole life until 6 months ago), is actually not the easiest, and if you don’t do the right things (which I didn’t), it can become near impossible to see any growth in your blog. But I’ve been able to look back in hindsight, and have a few tips that I think can help you grow your blog even as a broke-ass student…

Feb 6 2017 at 10:49 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty

How to make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible

You guys know I love practical tips – I don’t really beat around the bush, I get to the (honest) point of different situations and give you all the advice I have to hopefully position you as best as possible, of course always speaking from experience. Moving out during university is not easy, landlords love to exploit students, and a lot of friendships get blown to smithereens. I’ve lived it, I’ve learned from it. So below I’m getting really real – and letting you know how you can make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible…

Jan 23 2017 at 10:19 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty