These Are The Rules I Live By…

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We all have views that totally anchor our beliefs and how we choose to live our lives. That are somehow ingrained in us and hard for us to allow someone to argue against. For many that is religion – the kind of thing where nobody can tell you nuthin’ that could possibly shift your thinking. For some – it’s their diet. Perhaps you think consuming any sort of animal product is wrong, maybe it’s just pork or beef you think really ain’t it. Whatever it is, your beliefs that support this are some sort of pillars within you. These are more serious examples of course – it can also be quite trivial and very simple; for example, I met a woman the other day that told me she has never, and will never, split a bill with a man. As such… this blog post wrote itself up in my mind one day as I walked to work. What are the philosophies I live by?

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What Not to Do When You Start Work

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Here’s a brief history of me in the working world:

  • I got my first job when I was 17 years old. I worked in a cafe around the corner from where I lived but actually I spent most of my time in the back washing plates. The owners there weren’t the biggest fan of me as they couldn’t fathom how I got 12A*s at GCSE (they pointed out often they they “‘ad none!”) but didn’t know what a sundried tomato was (well – it’s not really apart of an African diet!! But yes I was also a ditz, allow me.) After two months of passive aggressiveness I quit via text and never looked back. Sometimes when I go back to see my family I look back at the little cafe and wonder if it’s still owned by the same buncha eediats.
  • I tried to get retail jobs for years but was never accepted for anything! I had an interview for Tesco once but they never got back to me… ouch.
  • Uni started and so did the internship applications. In my first year I “interned” for 1 week at a US investment bank, then later that year I paid the deposit for my second year uni flat, was plunged into my overdraft, and decided to take up a 12 week part time summer internship at a “commodities pricing firm” to keep me afloat.
  • In my second year I interned for 10 weeks at a European investment bank which I now work out.
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