Photography Tips: Everything You Need to Look For When Finding a Blog Photographer

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Fashion blogging might seem pretty narcissistic to anyone that isn’t themselves a blogger or someone that likes to read blogs. I get it – if I go onto my Instagram, it’s 80% full of photos of me posing on some fancy road or outside some fancy house that I don’t own, meanwhile, I could be writing a post over here about something pretty serious but you best believe I’ll plaster in a few irrelevant photos of myself into the post also. However, can’t you say the same for magazines? At the end of the day, it’s all imagery, if anything – it’s supplementary to your blog. I mean, would you rather read a huge block of text or have it split up by some nice photos which come along with some shoppable links and style inspiration (for all the fashion lovers)?! I’d vote for the latter. These days, fashion imagery (imagery in general) has become a huge part of blogging, and with the industry become more and more saturated, the days of low quality, grainy photos taken stood behind our bedroom doors don’t quite cut it anymore.

I thought I’d share a bit about my own journey, and some tips for what you need to look for when hiring a blog photographer…

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Show Me the Money: Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Finance‬s

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This was my philosophy for managing my finances before I started working full time: spend. everything. In my first year of university I’d end up blowing (maybe too much) money at clubs, in my second year my flat and I were ripped off by our estate agent and thus I spent the year swimming in my overdraft and in my third year I traveled to Rome, Miami, The Algarve and Malta using my student budget and internship money. Would I recommend it? Well, it really depends. Some people think ahead and start saving as soon as any money hits their account; but I was personally told to do the above, i.e. blow it all and start worrying about finances when I had a regular, stable income. Once I started working, of course I had to rethink my philosophy. I had to start “adulting”. Managing finances is something we all do differently and something a lot of people want to know about, so I thought I’d share a few major rules I (try) to stick to, to make sure I’m “adulting” as effectively as possible.

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