Tips for Looking Red Carpet Ready on Prom Night

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*Writen by Bill Clark

No matter how hard you’ve studied and what kinds of academic accolades you’ve achieved throughout your years in school, it seems as though the one thing you will always remember about your youth is your prom night. This is a magical time in the life of any girl and so you want to look and dress your best. Here are some tips for looking red carpet ready on prom night.

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My Skincare Routine 2016

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Puberty hit for me very young; by the time I was 10, I started to get spots. My mum bought me a Clearasil face cream back then, everything cleared up, and for a while I had next to no issues with my skin. But then around the age of 17, everything just went a bit mad… suddenly I started to develop tons of spots on my forehead, when the spots left they’d leave behind discolouring, and as more and more spots sprouted up, more discolouring took over my forehead. I remember it getting so bad that I’d feel as though anyone looking at me was looking at my spots, and one day I literally broke down in tears feeling so upset looking at how much discolouring had developed.

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