Vulnerability Online: How Much Sharing is Too Much Sharing?

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A question for the bloggers – how do you react when someone you know in real life tells you they read your blog? Most of the time, it sends me for a very split second into a mini state of shock. It’s just a little reminder than – oh yeah – this thing is actually public. I’ve had people recount to me what my day-to-day looks like and how much sleep I get, I’ve even had people recount to me what my favourite types of sausages are, because I’ve written it here at some point. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely don’t mind it – I’m an open book on this blog. Around a year and a bit ago I decided to set a goal and direction for my blog to help me better anchor my posts – and that goal was that I wanted my blog to help other girls (& guys) navigate through life’s many twists & turns by sharing my own experiences, giving advice and really, just opening up my life and what I get up to a bit more. Although it’s not always at the forefront of my mind, before I hit publish I will always take into account the fact that people I do see in my day to day could be reading, and make adjustments if I need to and occasionally, just scrap entire posts completely. There’s a balance to be met – being open and vulnerable allows your readers to connect with you and in some cases makes way for your blog to serve a purpose (depending on what purpose you want your blog to serve), but at the same time if you go overboard you could end up hurting people in your life, sharing details that actually do not need to be known and in the rare case, going so overboard that you end up being booted from your job (it happens).

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Social Media: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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I am a big social media user… I’m sure you guessed that. After all I’m a blogger – and if you’re running anything that requires the attention of others in some way, shape or form to thrive, then you should probably be a big social media user too. Social media is pretty much where things are trending, we all spend most of our time on our laptops or our phones, traditional advertising and media has now opened its door to influencers who, in their numbers, probably far outweigh sales from your A-List celebs and at half the cost, and for anyone hoping to start and build their own projects, the internet has totally knocked down the barriers to entry to do so. It’s where we get our content now… it’s where we shop now. Huge traditionally monopolistic retailers are now finding it harder to keep up with online “cooler” brands that use social media more effectively, and even some magazines are now seeing their final issues print and go to shelves, as most would rather now speed through articles on their phones than shift through an entire magazine. In a nutshell – things have changed and are changing a lot, with many of these changes having happened only in the past few years.

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