2018 Rewind: Travel

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In 2017 I set out to travel a whole lot – I was on a steady paycheck now and well… according to Instagram that seemed to be what you do once you’re getting paid. That said, it fell just short of expectations, however I wasn’t too mad, as it allowed me to save more. This year, I was ready to just go with the flow and see where that took me. Somehow – a lot due to the increase in work trips – I managed to leave the country 12 times this year! That’s a whole 24 flights in 12 months and while that may be a minor to some – I’m started to feel like some sort of a seasoned traveler (pass me my avios points or whalleva)! I’ve even recently decided to start using the lounges Amex allows free access to (fancy eh), but that was mostly on account of finding out lounges serve free food lmao. Anyhow – follow the jump to see a rewind of my year in travel!

Dec 28 2018 at 6:57 pm   ·   2018 Rewind, Travel

Being Well Travelled Without Breaking the Bank

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Mykonos, Greece

While new borns these days are taking on Bali and the Maldives – I didn’t experience the same “luxury” growing up. Actually, my first time out of the country was when I was 8, where I flew across the Atlantic with my family to visit my cousins in the states. My parents always had a very “go hard or go home” attitude to travel – it was that one big bawlah holiday, once a summer, 1 week or more – and more often than not, it was somewhere in the states. Actually, til this day, one of my favourite holidays was when I was around 10 (I think) where we flew to Florida, booked out a villa for two weeks, and I got to spend my mornings in the pool, afternoons at Disney World and evenings watching earlier That’s So Raven episodes than any of my friends at home. It wasn’t until I was 18 when I took my first non-parental holiday (the standard pre-uni girls/boys trip), and from then on the one big holiday a year turned into two trips, to three, to completely ad hoc and who-knows-when last minute f*ck it trips. As we’ve seen a rise in the “coolness” of being well travelled and discovering other cultures with travel blogging spear-heading the movement, I’ve learned that travelling (and this taking a much deserved break) doesn’t always have to totally break the bank. So – here’s a little guide – how to be well traveled without completely emptying your pocket.

Nov 28 2018 at 8:17 am   ·   Travel