Being Well Travelled Without Breaking the Bank

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Mykonos, Greece

While new borns these days are taking on Bali and the Maldives – I didn’t experience the same “luxury” growing up. Actually, my first time out of the country was when I was 8, where I flew across the Atlantic with my family to visit my cousins in the states. My parents always had a very “go hard or go home” attitude to travel – it was that one big bawlah holiday, once a summer, 1 week or more – and more often than not, it was somewhere in the states. Actually, til this day, one of my favourite holidays was when I was around 10 (I think) where we flew to Florida, booked out a villa for two weeks, and I got to spend my mornings in the pool, afternoons at Disney World and evenings watching earlier That’s So Raven episodes than any of my friends at home. It wasn’t until I was 18 when I took my first non-parental holiday (the standard pre-uni girls/boys trip), and from then on the one big holiday a year turned into two trips, to three, to completely ad hoc and who-knows-when last minute f*ck it trips. As we’ve seen a rise in the “coolness” of being well travelled and discovering other cultures with travel blogging spear-heading the movement, I’ve learned that travelling (and this taking a much deserved break) doesn’t always have to totally break the bank. So – here’s a little guide – how to be well traveled without completely emptying your pocket.

Nov 28 2018 at 8:17 am   ·   Travel

Santorini & Mykonos Travel Diaries

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I’ve traveled a reasonable amount this year and it’s mostly been quite last minute / down to chance. I started the year in the mountains in the Val Thorens ski resort in France, detoured down to Sweden for a quick work trip, then found myself in Vienna as Levi was doing a speech there. In March, I headed to Madrid for a birthday trip and then when May rolled around, I found myself in Turin, Italy for a last minute family event. However – whilst most of my trips have been spontaneous, my trip to Greece most definitely wasn’t. I’ve wanted to go to Mykonos for a while now (as the Kardashians went there), but Levi has wanted to go to Santorini (since Rick Ross did a song about it) – so we met in the middle and decided we would Greek Island hop this summer. Ladies & gentlemen – the annual summer “baecation”.

Jul 25 2018 at 5:30 pm   ·   Travel