Budapest Travel Diary: Your 4-5 Day Itinerary

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It’s been a while since I’ve written up a travel post! Bar a trip to Brighton, the last time I wrote up a proper travel post was actually all the way back in July last year when I went on a week-long girls’ trip to Malta. Since then I’ve visited Stockholm and Chamonix – but I decided to leave those out of the blog as Stockholm was only a 24hr trip, whilst Chamonix consisted of just drinking, eating and skiing – so in both cases, there wasn’t that much to really talk about. However, this time last week I was roaming around Budapest for the first time on the first full day of my 5 day trip. My old flatmate and I decided to take a short break there given we’ve never travelled away just the two of us, and although it was only a short holiday, it was more than enough time to really soak up Budapest.

Apr 14 2017 at 3:47 pm   ·   Travel

2016 Travel Favourites

In 2015, I set myself a goal to leave the country at least 3-4 times in 2016 – and that is exactly what I did down to the very last T. Following on from a Rome trip in November 2015, 2016 was quiet until the summer where I maxed out my internship money on a trip to Portugal, followed by Miami, followed by Malta. Finally, this December, I flew out to Stockholm with work. Next year, I’ve got Geneva booked for Feb, and my mum also wants to do a family summer trip to Florida, I want to do a holiday with my boyfriend, and I’m also planning a weekend getaway at some point with my old flatmate. A weekend break with my boyfriend for our three year anniversary is also on the cards. So let’s hope that next year, I have a lot more travel stories to share. As you know I’m rounding up 2016 and blogging 5 times over 5 days, so keep reading to learn a bit about my 2016 travel favourites…

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