Travel: A Week in Miami

One of my friends in currently travelling all over America and parts of the Caribbean, so given that I had some internship money saved up and a lot of time to spare, I decided to join her on the Miami leg of her trip and drag one of our other friends along with me. We booked via STA Travel (which I’d definitely recommend to students and under 25s – we managed to cut our flight prices almost in half). On the morning of June 11th, we flew out with virgin Atlantic on a 9 hour trip to Miami…

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A Week in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

When it came to choosing our summer holiday, my boyfriend and I were between Greece, Spain and Portugal for quite some time. After getting some feedback from my brothers who have both been to Portugal, we decided to settle there. All we knew we wanted was a beach holiday, so although the typical Portuguese destination would be Lisbon, just a little bit of research told us that Algarve was where to go to find the best beaches in Portugal. Even in Algarve, there are tons of places to visit, Lagos and Albuferia being two of their most popular destinations, between the two we decided on Lagos as it seemed to be somewhere we could soak up some more Portugese culture….

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