4 Ways to Utilise a Day Trip to Brighton

Given that I’m now working full time, bank holidays (i.e. random days off work) have officially become days where no matter what – I have to be doing something. For August’s bank holiday a few weeks back, Carnival was most definitely my first option, but The Train Line quickly lured me away when they offered discounts to some beach towns in England under the promise of a ‘heat wave’ weekend. I purchased two return tickets less than 24 hours after receiving the e-mail about the deal, and it was extremely easy to convince my boyfriend to come down with me…

Sep 10 2016 at 8:12 pm   ·   Chatty, Travel

Travel: A week in Malta

I knew a guy that turned what should have been a £500 trip to Madrid, into a £1.5K trip filled with Ls* to the highest degree. Two missed flights, one night spent sleeping on the street, accommodation in the wrong location, money losing and just generally being ripped off by locals, had me thinking I didn’t want the same result for my holiday to Malta…

Jul 23 2016 at 7:46 pm   ·   Chatty, Travel