The Labels Fashion Show

Long timeeee.
My absence can be blamed on the following three reasons: the internet, Virgin Media and general busy-ness. I moved into my new uni flat about two weeks ago, our internet was set up literally a day after visiting Virgin Media and everything was peachy. But then, a week into having our internet, it completely disappeared off of the radar. Calling Virgin Media, they said that we did not ‘activate’ our internet (even though we did), and that we’d have to wait another 7 days for them to activate it for us due to issues with the previous tenants. To say I was annoyed AND heartbroken is an understatement (it also took 8 days, instead of the 7 they said it would take). I don’t think you realise how vital the internet is until you don’t have it… those 8 days were spent in between Starbucks and our university campus, lugging my laptop around with me everywhere, doing what I needed to do and downloading as many shows and YouTube videos I possibly could to watch at the flat.

Apart from that first world problem, I recently attended a fashion show! I was invited to go and watch the Labels Fashion show – a platform for emerging, bespoke designers which is already, and I quote from their press release, ‘carving itself a strong reputation in the British fashion calendar’. One thing that really attracted me to the show was actually the venue. It was in Canary Wharf, on the 32nd floor of the CCT Venues. Canary Wharf is easily one of my favourite places in London, so of course I wanted to visit to watch the show. Funnily enough, I was actually on the 32nd floor of CCT Venues recently for an assessment centre (I’ve had 2 recently, and one worked out making me an official investment banking 2015 Summer intern, yassss), it was so strange going back to watch a fashion show, knowing that just two weeks before I’d been there in a suit and knee length dress, in and out of interviews and scared as hell.

On to the show – it started a bit late, but regardless it was a lovely evening. I really liked a lot of the collections that I saw as a bunch of them were actually wearable, many I could see myself or others rocking on a night out. Quite a few designers featured including Ingrid Bratt, who also recently showcased at London Fashion Week. My favourite designer was Prelim Martha, her line she said was inspired by afrobeats, the outfits were very modern and ranged from casual, day time outfits (a lot of jumpsuits), to night time, sparkly, dressy outfits. Her line consisted of outfits you’d wear and feel like the flyest human being on this earth. Find more about ‘Prelim’ here.

Thanks to The Labels Fashion for inviting me!

(I’ve just got a new bridge camera and am still trying to figure out how to properly work it, I don’t even know how to use flash yet lolsss – so photos should improve in timeeee.)

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looks like it was a good event, gutted i couldn’t make it


October 17, 2014 at 22:01 bunmi

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