The Power of Photoshop

  Posted on Feb 21 2011
  Posted at 22:59
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Updates: Working on a brand new shop layout!!

A few days ago I picked up a magazine from my local newsagents mainly because it came with a free book and it looked quite aiighhtt. u_u Before I started reading it, I skimmed through the pages, and I came across one page that made me laugh a lil bit.

The photo that made me laugh was a of Lady Gaga. And it made me laugh a bit, not because Lady Gaga is a bit strange sometimes, but because the picture looked perfect – too perfect. o.o Her legs looked toned and shaped to abbsoolluteee perfection, her skin absolutely perfect, and it just reminded me of the power of Photoshop. By now, everybody knows that what you see in magazines is not idealistic to ever compare yourself with; fair enough they edit their photos though, if I was a magazine editor I’d probably do the same. :/

Theeennn, coincidentally, Mimi tweeted a picture showing the power of Photoshop. It was much more shocking than the Lady Gaga one. It got me even more interested in the subject, so I spent a couple of minutes Googling and found some interesting shiz:

Photoshop can do some crazy things. And so can make up:

!!! Crazy, right?

I once heard a story of a guy who wanted to meet up with a girl he met through Facebook. When he saw the girl, waiting at the place they planned to meet, he ran away. And this guy goes to my school.

These days when you see magazine pictures or Facebook pictures; you can never really know what to believe. :o