“You’re a Bounty” – Let’s Talk Identity

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Happy Tuesday, folks! I’m happy because i) I had a super relaxing Easter break and I’m going back to my flat (or apartment for ya’ll fancy people) with lots and lots of jollof rice and chicken! ii) well, it’s a 4 day week and iii) next week – I’m off for the whole week as I’ll be taking my ass to the big apple! Until then, I wanted to get this week’s post up and running. Actually, this post is something I wrote about a year ago now for The Move Hub – but the message is one that won’t change one year later, or even ten years later. What inspired me to essentially re-post this is that I was home for the weekend and chatting to my brother about his new podcast Screamer Pod. Their last release was all about “black identity”, what it “means” to be black and what we associate with this. Which threw me back to this one (defining) event years and years ago. If you don’t know what a “bounty” is – think of it as what it is – it’s brown on the outside and white on the inside. Essentially, you’re called a bounty when it’s decided that you just didn’t make the “cut” to be black. Follow the jump for a quick read of my experience…

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Thinking for Myself

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One time, I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops. So I bought army pants and flip flops.

It’s an age old Mean Girls quote, but boy, it means a lot…

One time, I was teaching an intern some stuff about what we do. I told them that (prepare for some banking jargon) – the G-spread is the interpolated T-spread. They said, “oh, I thought it wasn’t interpolated?” Fireworks set off in my mind – were they right? Had I just been completely embarrassed by someone who had been in the job for 2 weeks? Was I simply useless? I had to refer back to my notes to reassure myself that actually, I was right and I did know what I was talking about.

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