What Not to Do When You Start Work

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Here’s a brief history of me in the working world:

  • I got my first job when I was 17 years old. I worked in a cafe around the corner from where I lived but actually I spent most of my time in the back washing plates. The owners there weren’t the biggest fan of me as they couldn’t fathom how I got 12A*s at GCSE (they pointed out often they they “‘ad none!”) but didn’t know what a sundried tomato was (well – it’s not really apart of an African diet!! But yes I was also a ditz, allow me.) After two months of passive aggressiveness I quit via text and never looked back. Sometimes when I go back to see my family I look back at the little cafe and wonder if it’s still owned by the same buncha eediats.
  • I tried to get retail jobs for years but was never accepted for anything! I had an interview for Tesco once but they never got back to me… ouch.
  • Uni started and so did the internship applications. In my first year I “interned” for 1 week at a US investment bank, then later that year I paid the deposit for my second year uni flat, was plunged into my overdraft, and decided to take up a 12 week part time summer internship at a “commodities pricing firm” to keep me afloat.
  • In my second year I interned for 10 weeks at a European investment bank which I now work out.
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Instagram: What You See vs. The Reality

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Hey guyssss.

So if you’re a regular reader of this blog – you’d know I’ve been slacking with my uploads recently. I used to upload twice a week without fail, but now it’s become once a week and occasionally every other week. The question is – why? Well, #1, I got busy at a point, fell off the wagon then, and really struggled to get back up. #2 – I actually haven’t had much to say. I know – this is a poor excuse for a blogger. I usually have a constant inflow of ideas that come to me for blog posts I want to write about and typically I jot them down in my notes – but recently whenever I go and look at this list of things I want to write about hidden in my notes – everything just seems way too dry. I started writing up one of the ideas today before I decided that actually – I just didn’t feel like it. #3, well, I think the entire world of blogging is currently as fatigued as I am. A lot of my favourite bloggers are either not blogging anymore or blogging once in a blue moon, the attention has shifted to Instagram (even for myself), and I guess I felt sort of a – “meh, why do I ever care?” Regardless, the truth is that that I’m a writer at heart, and there definitely are still bloggers out there putting out engaging content – I do think there still is demand for good, entertaining pieces. Of course, the landscape has changed… but maybe that’s a blog for another day. Today – I wanted to keep things very light hearted. No think pieces – I’m too tired for that. No overthinking – I don’t have it in me for that today. Just a very first world problems piece… ladies, let’s talk about Instagram – the realities vs. what you see.

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