Doing What You Really Want To

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When I was around 9-10 years old, my cousin from the states asked me if I wanted my own website. She’d discovered this platform called Freewebs where you could get your own domain name (albeit with “freewebs” attached to the end), and website with free templates. That officially started this little “online journey” I’ve had. Since then, I’ve always had my own website in some sort of form (and with a colourful selection of names such as Milkshake Swirls, Fulfilled and Dollie Kizz – to name a few!)

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Things we need to stop doing: Gym edition

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I started off today by scribbling down a bit of a deeper post. It was all about self-reflection and growth and stuff that was meant to make you seriously think about this current “chapter of life”. Although I love that stuff (I’ll probably post that up at a later date, and when I do my blog revamp it’ll have its own dedicated category), I also wanted to keep things quite light today. You know life is all about balance. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Instead, if you remember correctly/are a regular reader here – you’ll know that a few months ago I started up a Things We Need to Stop Doing series – I called it a (never that deep) series about things that essentially confuse me or grind my gears or both. Being a true Londoner, I kicked it off with a few tips on London etiquette. Today, after over a year of sighing and rolling my eyes at many situations in the gym, I thought I would write up a gym edition.

Calling all gym goersdo you do any of these things?

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