Fur Collars

So… this has been quite an exciting week. First of all, I finally got myself a faux fur collar coat. In the summer I pictured what I called my perfect, ‘bossy’, winter coat. This was a black coat, with just the right amount of black fur on the collar. Here I was thinking I would walk into Zara and pick this up come September, but it’s actually taken me weeks to finally find something that resembled that I pictured, that wasn’t sold out. It was also my mum’s birthday weekend, we took her to go and see In The Heights on Saturday (maybe even more amazing than when I saw it in NYC a few years ago…) and then on Sunday took her for lunch in The Shard. I was happy to make her happy.

There are a few more exciting things coming up. I’m off to Rome with the boyfriend this weekend, I literally cannot wait – especially for the food. And tomorrow, my university (LSE) is launching their “Black Her-Story Week” to round off Black History Month. They’re launching with a photographic exhibition to celebrate the achievements of black women at the LSE, and I am one of those being featured! Overall, life is really accelerating into just being good. I definitely had a quite few down moments in the weeks following the end of September (and I’ll probably address all of these in a lifestyle post soon enough), but now I’m really feeling quite satisfied and positive about this year ahead.

    OFFICE Boots
    ZARA Jumper
    MICHAEL KORS Necklace

As for the outfit, aside from this coat (I found it on Lasula Boutique through simply searching ‘black faux fur collar coat’ on Google), the outfit is fairly simple. If you know me at all you know I’ve always been a fan of turtle necks, so I picked this beauty up from Zara on the final day of my internship and stored it in my wardrobe for the winter, the jumper would also fit well with some leather leggings.

And with that, I’m off to bed. I’m writing this post at 12am (to post at some point in the library tomorrow), and I’m having one of those moments where I’m so tired one of my eyes has already decided to close itself.

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LOVE the coat! It really does look lovely on you! I hope your mum has a nice birthday 🙂 Gemma xx

October 28, 2015 at 13:42 Gemma

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