Minus 5 Years: If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

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This time five years ago (give or take a few days), I was waking up to find out whether or not I had made it into my top choice university. I needed three As to get into LSE, and, with no real intention of ever taking up my back-up offer if things didn’t go to plan, I must say I was feeling fairly confidence. If anything – I was more crossing my fingers to walk away from school with at least one or two A*s. That said, although I had spent the summer feeling pretty confident, the fear of “what if?” only hit me the evening before when rumours started circulating that Bath uni was sending offers out early. Ironically, the morning of results day my laptop crashed meaning I had to run downstairs to use my dad’s laptop to find out what ended up being really good news. Hey – I didn’t get my A*s – but I did get into the only university I really wanted to go to at the time.

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Why So Serious? – On Blogging & Think Pieces

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Blogging has changed a lot over the past few years. I remember back when I started blogging I was a beauty fanatic and was popping into Boots monthly to use my saved lunch money to buy the whatever was the latest craze in the beauty world. I really didn’t blog frequently or take my blog seriously back then (hence I don’t count it as the “official” birth of Skylish as a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog), but a few months in, a mail popped into my inbox which was from someone asking if they could post a link on my blog in return for £20. The thing is – I had known that you could earn something from blogging, and I was totally aware that people were receiving free things, but I really didn’t know the mechanics behind it and also, blogging wasn’t yet what it has become today. I was so bewildered about this person offering me money in exchange for a link that I showed the e-mail to my dad who did a full inspection of the proposal. In the end, I accepted it, and just like that £20 popped into my PayPal account which – at the time – was a week’s lunch money. So, it was pretty mad.

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